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Intellectual Technology Services is an independent research firm staffed by information professionals who provide independent professional searching services covering all facets of the intellectual property landscape.

A properly performed search prior to filing a patent can save clients and attorney’s time and expense. At Intellectual Technology Services, we assist in developing appropriate search strategies, utilising (where appropriate) combinations of keywords, structures (e.g. chemical) and international classification searching and index terms.

Our in-depth knowledge of search terminology, classification codes and database query techniques can help identify potential roadblocks on the pathway to commercialisation. Results are provided in a formal report or spread sheet structure, with as much or as little detail as you request.

Searching can save you money in the long run... “up to 30% of all expenditure in R&D is wasted on redeveloping existing inventions” 
Ref. European Commission (DG Research) and the European Patent Office © 2007

Patent Investigation
A search to determine the legal status of a patent and its family of equivalent patents. The search is usually conducted in the national databases of each jurisdiction of interest to the client to obtain the most accurate information.

Patent Search
From chemical structures to biosequences, electrical, mechanical and process technologies, ITS has access to the latest commercial databases to provide up to date information on emerging Intellectual Property. Specialised searches such as Inventor Name watches and State of the Art watches can be used to provide a regular overview of emerging technologies of market competitors.

Prior Art Search
An investigation into published literature in a specific area of technology including patents and non-patent literature.

Novelty Search
This is a type of prior art search typically conducted prior to filing a patent. This search is aimed at identifying documents which anticipate the novel conferring features of an invention. A novelty search enables the inventor to make an informed decision prior to committing the considerable resources, time and expense to the research and development of a project prior to obtaining a patent.

Due Diligence
A prior art search designed to look for infringement of existing intellectual property.

Chemical Structure Search
A specialised prior art search utilizing chemical structure databases such as those maintained by the Chemical Abstracts Service. Chemical structures are drawn and fragments are searched using specialised databases.

Biosequences Search
A specialised prior art search utilizing biosequence databases such as those maintained by the Chemical Abstracts Service, Derwent World Patents Index and National Patent Offices. Searches are normally performed using Blast or FASTA algorithms searching for biosequence homology.

Infringement Search
This search is designed to locate records that may affect a company’s freedom to operate. This is an important step to undertake prior to commencing production a new product and/or service to avoid legal ramifications should your product and/or service be seen to infringe upon an existing product and/or service. It should be noted that an infringement search must include legal opinions from a qualified attorney in each jurisdiction.

State of the Art Search
To provide an overview of the intellectual property landscape and to identify emerging technologies of market competitors.

Name Search
This search is designed to identify all registered intellectual property records and is typically conducted using the inventor and/or applicant name. Additional searches may also be conducted to identify holding companies and corporate hierarchy to locate related Intellectual Property.

Trade Mark Search
Our trade mark searches are tailor made to suit your specific requirements in Australia and other overseas jurisdictions. Searches including phonetic variants of the mark and all searches are conducted across all 45 classes of goods and services. In addition, ITS offers exact searches, infringement, availability, registrability, logo/device searches and trade mark watching services, as well as searching various common law databases to locate marks that are in use but for which no registration exists.

IP Management
ITS can provide you with expert assistance in managing your Intellectual Property portfolio.

Design Search
Our design searches are conducted using the Australian Designs database. ITS offers classification and product searches across Australian and overseas databases.

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